I'm a photographer, a creative, and a storyteller. 

Since 2012, I've traveled the US, telling stories of the hardworking people I've met along the way. After spending time with hundreds of blue collar workers, I've written in-depth profiles on over 350 women.

Getting to know someone on their turf as they work is not only enlightening, it's a privilege. Each personal account is different, offering new understandings and insights. Gathering glimpses into these diverse worlds informs the American workforce as we make progress in technology and culture. 

Growing up in a small town in East Texas, the child of an immigrant, I realized from a young age that a powerful story can win friends and break down barriers that would otherwise divide a community--and even an entire country. Anecdotes, spun of true tales, wield the mighty potential to change minds and move the meter of public opinion.

It's my hope that the aspirations and dreams each of person I capture through my lens creates an amplified cry for the advancement of skilled trades. I'm confident that the right work in the industries and agriculture can be the hero the environment and our society needs. The world is filled with changemakers and their voices will benefit us all. 


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Kind Words-

"When I got here, women weren’t much of an initiative. I hired a photographer from ad school. I sent her out to meet women and do research. That was interesting because she came back and said we were designing for the wrong woman. I told her to go find artisans and craftsmen. We realized the line we had at the time was a bit too L.L Bean. The colors and the fit were off. We were designing for a suburban mom. We had Jennifer start a blog of her times in the field to capture our learnings. It ended up really helping our product team redesign our women’s line."

-Brian Bennett, Vice President of Brand Creative at Carhartt


Carhartt 2011-Current 

2019- named Lead Creative on Carhartt Women

2018- took Crafted in Carhartt international 

2012- created Crafted in Carhartt

2011- joined the Carhartt team 


Chicago Portfolio School 2010-2011

Design Program 

Baylor University 2006-2010 

BFA Studio Art, Graphic Design Emphasis

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