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Quote from my boss, Brian Bennett, VP Creative at Carhartt: 

"Over 11 years ago I started at Carhartt. One of the first people I called to help us bring the Carhartt story to life was Jen Martinez. Our mission with Jen was simple. Let’s make friends of the brand and share their story.


So we sent Jen (our little one-woman band) into cities and towns that had Carhartt owned stores. Her job was to research local Carhartt women, bring them to the store, give them $250 and let them shop. She then would go to their place of work, their studios, constructions sites, farms, ranches, etc.


Here she would get to know the women quite personally. Many she still calls friends. She would share their opinions with product, marketing and creative. She worked with well over 750 women over the last 11 years. She would film them, interview them, break bread with them, hold their kids, try their craft and tell their story on a blog - which is now on Instagram. I cannot even begin to tell you how many other brands have reached out to Jen - asking for her to build the same world for them. Or in Duluth’s case - they flat out copied what Jen was building.

Her little organic project has now grown to over 28K plus women who look at our page daily for inspiration, appreciation and Carhartt women’s gear in action. Jennifer is one of the true pioneers who has helped bring the Carhartt women into our brand. She truly is the heart and soul of a grassroot effort to win woman over by highlighting their lives and Carhartt-ness.

It’s not often you can bring in a triple threat level talent to a creative team or any team for that matter. Jen is a creative force who can write, take photos and concept big ideas. My only hope is we pass her test. It’s now in our hands to act like the brand for women - that Jennifer saw long before many of us."


Carhartt 2011-Current 

- Creative Director on Carhartt Women, brand-wide campaigns & collabs

- Copywriter & Photographer: 400+ profiles of blue collar women

- Conceptual Art Director: 360 brand campaigns for TV / digital / print

- Art Director: in-studio and on location stills / film for broadcast 

- Photographer: lifestyle and flat lays

- Field Researcher, Talent Scout, Producer, Stylist*

   *we’re a DIY type of company

My Skills Include:

Creative Direction

Art Direction 





Chicago Portfolio School 2010-2011

​Design Program


Baylor University 2006-2010 

BFA Studio Art, Graphic Design Emphasis

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