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DIY: Rain Chain

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

My mom's creativity has been such a gift throughout my life. Her thought process and talent are inspiring--particularly as she encouraged my journey in imagination. Art projects and DIYs have been a big part of our relationship. You can bounce ideas off of each other and learn more about one another: from picking materials to communicating and problem solving. I owe so much of my artistic inclinations to my mom. As a young girl I remember watching her, wide-eyed with awe.

This Rain Chain DIY is a great example of a simple craft that’s fun to do with friends and family.

You'll need:

  • copper wire

  • wire cutters

  • recycled glass chunks or medium sized rocks (We used glass because it allows light to pass through so beautifully, but if you have rocks that are a few inches in diameter or another item similar in size, go ahead and get creative.)

Step 1.) Wrap each chunk of glass or rock in copper wire. It helps to hold the glass steady with one hand as your dominant hand forms the wire around the object. Make sure to loop it up enough times that the glass can’t fall out.

Step 2.) Create a loop several layers thick at the top of the chain that can attach to a hook made of wire. This hook will eventually grab onto a tree limb so the rain chain can dangle in the air.

Step 3.) Hang the chain and watch as the rain trickles down.

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