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Ironworker Adriana Lopez

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Meet the inspiring Adriana Lopez.

Looking to incorporate welding into her personal artwork, she fell in love with the trade after attending a program at Jane Addams Resource Corporation in Chicago. In no time, she got her Arc Welding Society Certification.

Adriana worked in several different shops and got involved with Chicago Women in Trades.

“They encouraged me to pursue the trades, even though I didn’t think I would make the cut because of my gender and size. They helped me study for the test. I ended up scoring a 15. I love being a Union Ironworker. It’s a brotherhood. We look out after each on the field and even outside the job. That’s my favorite part of being in a union (and the awesome benefits)." -Adriana Lopez
"Am I ever scared during the job? No, but I am cautious because any mistake could not only impact myself, but the guys working beside me." -Adriana Lopez

"I would suggest to anyone who’s trying to get in the trades to:

  • Seek guidance through programs like the ones that helped me. It makes a huge difference.

  • Don't give up because it can be a lengthy process sometimes to get in.

  • Believe in yourself because anything is possible with hard work and perseverance.” -Adriana Lopez

“I wish people knew that unions protect fair wages, benefits, and rights for the working class--for people trying to make an honest living. If you’re a woman and like working with your hands, there’s only one thing that can stop you from joining the trades: the fear of thinking that you can’t. Fear is just a feeling, the fact is that you CAN.” -Adriana Lopez

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